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Chef Brooklyn Scissors Review

Chef Brooklyn Scissors – Review

Quick Review of the Chef Brooklyn Kitchen Shears That you can also use for Paracord…Get a pair here:* *This is an affiliate link. If you buy using this link I will make a tiny percentage of the sale. If you do so, THANK YOU. You are helping me keep making videos and writing blogs. VIDEO BELOW […]


Travelers Beware

Beware for Travelers Over Seas If you take the time to watch the news on any network these days you will see that the world is in turmoil. Much of it is generated by muslim extremists. The problem with that is that you never know when they will hit the next citizen target. If you are […]

The Washington Free Beacon

Pepper Spray – An Alternative In Weapon Controlled Society

According to The Washington Free Beacon, Germans are turning to Pepper Spray for self defense in the onslaught of illegal immigrants and refugees from Africa, Asia and the Middle East. In this article, Stephen Gutowski explains.

More Bad News Out Of Ferguson, MO – Even Russians Attacked

Foreign Reporters attacked in Ferguson. Vehicle Torched. So apparently even the international press was present in Ferguson lately, but THAT turned out to be a bad choice. In the linked article, two foreign journalists were attacked by teens and their car was torched. More on the story here. First, you shouldn’t willingly put yourself in […]


Data Breaches and 8 Steps You Can Take to Protect Yourself – Neiman Marcus, Target

Data Breaches Becoming More Common? Data breaches have become more of a regular occurrence as of late and even larger retailers and major brands are being effected. Banks are doing what they can to protect you and find the perpetrators involved, but, the bad news is, that the attacks are more and more sophisticated. To […]

hackers are bad

Passwords Hacked From Major Online Companies – Change Your Passwords Now!

Passwords Hacked, Change Your Passwords While You Can Hackers installed software on computers worldwide to capture login credentials for major websites, then directed the stolen data to servers they controlled. Accounts with Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo, Twitter, ADP and LinkedIn were all compromised in this latest breach. With all the major breaches that have happened this year, it’s […]