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There comes a time in every prepper’s life when all of the equipment and training you have spent countless hours and money on will be put to the test. It becomes one of those things where you hope for the best, but plan for the worse. You never imagine that the worse might just happen to you. That’s the position a reader recently found himself in; he decided to share his story with us.

He was on his way to a remote fishing cabin near the Lewis and Clark National Forest in Montana. Having just clocked out of work that evening, he found himself driving through the mountains at night time. Unfortunately, the fact that it had been raining most of the day didn’t make his trip any easier. As if the world was out to get him, he was still a 30-minute drive from the cabin when his car decided to break a timing belt.

Luckily, it happened at the perfect spot in the road where he was able to pull the car off to the side without having a danger of someone hitting his car. That was the good part. The bad part was that he was an hour drive from any form of civilization and cell service was non-existent; hence his desire to be here in the first place.

Vehicle Go Bag

Our reader happened to also be a prepper who had committed to always having an emergency go bag in his car. Though he thought the car was safe where it had finally come to stop, he didn’t want to risk it, seeing as though other drivers wouldn’t see the car until they passed it or hit it, seeing as night had fallen. So, our reader was left to put his survival skills and equipment to the test.

With it being fall in the mountains of Montana, his first priority was to get a fire started. Considering that most of the area was drenched, he knew that starting a fire would be nearly impossible. That’s when he realized he had recently purchased an emergency fire starter ferro rod and threw it in his car’s emergency bag.

He quickly found some of the driest wood he could find; luckily there was a pile of dead branches that had been covered by a large tree and proved to be dry enough to at least get a fire started. He pulled this ferro rod out of his pack, unscrewed the strike steel, removed the cotton ball from the end of the rod before placing it on the dry wood, and began to strike the rod.

Much to his amazement, a fire started after only the second strike, to which he quickly began adding more wood. It wasn’t long before he had a fire big enough to cook the can of beans that he had always kept in his bag, as well as keep him warm without having to stay in his car.

The next day, after spending the night next to a toasty fire, the first passerby saw his car and was able to give him a ride back to town and he was able to fix his car. He noted that, had he not had the fire striker in his bag, he would have resorted to staying in his car, running the risk of getting severely injured or killed.

Go bags are important especially where you spend your time. Always ensure you have one for home, work AND VEHICLE!

Always Stay in The Alert Zone!

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