Chef Brooklyn Scissors Review

Chef Brooklyn Scissors – Review

Quick Review of the Chef Brooklyn Kitchen Shears

That you can also use for Paracord…Get a pair here:*

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I wanted to share with you really quickly a pair of these scissors I got here. Chef Brooklyn scissors. If you’re like me and have been into survival and prepping for a little while, then more than likely you’ve also gotten into a little bit of… paracord. If you have then you’re probably looking into the kinds of tools that you need to pull those different weaves off. I’m wanting to get a little bit more into it. So I wanted to get a knife or pair of scissors to cut  a little bit more cleanly than what I currently have.  If you have those scissors from Harbor Freight, they just don’t cut it after a while.

I wanted to get something that could be taken apart. As you may notice these are more like chef’s scissors right…Chef Brooklyn right…The beauty of this is that you take these apart and it’s much easier to put them into the dishwasher and much easier to sharpen them as well. I got them primarily to cut paracord, but if you’ll notice, there’s a lot more features than just the paracord cutting.

They have got a good strong stainless metal in the handles for gripping. So if you’ve got to grip a lid or something like that, then these would help. It’s also got a screwdriver tip and a bottle opener. I didn’t expect to get those features with scissors. They’ve also got  a serrated edge which could be good for a different situation. Now more than likely, like I do with anything else, I won’t just use them for paracord, but  I will be using these for all other kinds of things and probably destroy them like I usually do, but I thought these are really nice.

For cutting paracord, they come in handy when paracord has that tendency to fray. With these scissors it’s a super clean cut. It’s a super clean cut for scissors. If you use a super sharp knife, that’s one thing, but for scissors, it’s a super clean cut. If you tried to do that with those Harbor Freight Scissors, you’d be in trouble. That’s my primary use for them and if you are doing paracord projects, then you will be melting those ends. It will be a whole lot cleaner if you have a clean cut in the first place so check out the Chef Brooklyn scissors.


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