Tommy Raz Belly Band Gun Holster Review

Tommy Raz Belly Band Gun Holster – Review

Comfort Belly Band

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What’s up guys, Jason here from The Alert Zone and I have a quick review for you for the Tommy Raz Belly Band Gun Holster. Yeah that’s right I got this cool new belly band gun holster from Tommy Raz to give it a quick review and see what I think about it. First look into this thing, it is very comfortable. I don’t have it packed into my pants, but it could be very easily done. It’s got a neoprene feel and logo on the front. I’ve got a .40 cal in it. That’s a little bit big for this band because if you raise your hands in a short t-shirt, the barrel is going to expose pretty easily. If you wear a little bit looser shirt, then you can’t even tell there is a lump.

Good construction

It’s made well. It has good stitching. It’s got a velcro piece that comes across the front. It kinda reminds me of the belly bands that help you lose weight around your core. The second thing I notice is that you really don’t want a hand cannon like a  .40 with this band. You could keep it fairly well hidden, but if your purpose is concealment, then you’ll want to carry a compact or subcompact. You’ll notice it has a snap. It unsnaps really quick. If you are wanting a snap to hold really tight, the snap is a little light. If you touch the snap, it’s going to pop loose especially on a larger weapon like a .40 cal.

Appropriate size weapon

Now if you’ve got something like a  .22, then it’s a much nicer fit. It’s an easy snap, but if you just touch that sucker, it’s coming loose. That’s kindof what you want. If you are in a situation and your having to fool with getting your snap loose, you’re done. With a  smaller weapon you can even wear it with a fairly tight fitting t-shirt. You can barely even tell that sucker is there. Can you jog around? Absolutely. Like the promo picture for this product is a young lady jogging down the highway and you can barely tell she’s got anything. That’s the situation you’re in. With this belly band it gives it such a contour that you can’t tell it’s there. You can do jumping jacks, you could go running, do the shimmy shake…this isn’t going anywhere. I don’t have it really tight. It’s a simple velcro piece that just comes across and attaches to itself.

More than a holster

It’s also got an extra pocket. You can throw an extra magazine in there if you feel like you’re going to be in that kind of situation. It could probably fit keys. It doesn’t have a top enclosure so you wouldn’t want anything that might fall out. It’s gotta be something that is going to fit snugly. You could probably fit a small cell phone. For the most part, this is a good way to carry. A good way to conceal carry. It’s comfortable. It’s not going to bother you. It’s gonna stay put when you bend over. Your weapon isn’t going to fall out on the floor.

Overall Outlook On The Belly Band

You may want a little longer t-shirt than what I have. However, when you tuck the band inside your pants it’s a different story and you don’t have to worry about barrel exposure.

All tucked in, it is well concealed and you can still get to your weapon very quickly even if you’re wearing a t-shirt. Remember it has a hair snap on it. It’s comfortable. It’s not going to come loose when you bend over or if you’re out running, doing some work or whatever you’re up to. All in all the Tommy Raz Belly Band Gun Holster is definitely worth checking out.


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