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The Alert Zone – Stay In It – Levels Of Alertness

The Alert Zone - Red Yellow White - Levels Of Alertness

The Alert Zone

I write to you today with a warning. Always be in The Alert Zone. What does that mean? When training to be a security guard, I was taught that there are levels of alertness we all fit into. Most of us walk around daily in the White zone, completely oblivious to our surroundings and the potential hazards they carry. Not knowing what is going on in our culture, not knowing what dangers face us. The Alert Zone is a step above, colored Yellow, and is where I was trained to be at all times while on duty. You must stay alert to your surroundings…buildings, people, cars, interaction, motion, aggression and more. By constantly and consistently remaining aware of your surroundings, you are also prepared for the worst. If you are prepared for the worst then you can also plan for your action in the face of the worst. Folks, I’m asking you to step up your awareness. Your sociopolitical environment is always changing and by not knowing what is happening around you, you are putting yourself and those around you in danger. Don’t walk around oblivious to threats around you. Always stay in The Alert Zone.

Watch people around you. Where are the vehicles? Where are the exits? What is between you and the exit? What clothing are people wearing? Where are those around you looking? What direction of energy is in the room or outside? Are you in a crowd, a small coffee shop? Where are the fire extinguishers? Does the room you are in have sprinklers? Do you see cameras? Alarms? Profile the people in the room. Yes, it’s a dirty word these days, but by profiling, you can prevent disaster regardless of what the media says. For example: You are in a jewelry store and it’s summer time. A man comes in with a trench coat on and hat and sun glasses. Pretty typical Hollywood scenario right? These are profiled scenarios that can save you. I’d leave the store. Would you? Would you do something? Would you warn anyone? That may be for another article. If you were not alert in this scenario, you could easily become a hostage or worse if the guy decides to rob the store at gunpoint. This is just one scenario, but by staying alert to what is around you, you help keep yourself safe and those around you. The number one best way to stay safe is to remove yourself from any scenario that looks “fishy.”

So remember, stay in The Alert Zone and stay safe.


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